Artist Background - rfbphoto

I’m a Pacific Northwest based photographer that started with film and recently made the switch to digital. I’m mostly self-taught; I learned the basics from a close friend in the early 70’s, then it was a lot of reading and trial and error over the years. I took a break to help raise two wonderful kids and 5 years ago got the bug again. While I work with both Color and Black & White, my real passion is Black & White. Since my early years, I’ve been a lover of nature; backpacking in the Sierra Nevada for weeks at a time, day hikes in the mountains, beaches and hills of the Western United States. I have a degree in Art, concentrating on photography, sculpture and graphics. Photography has stuck with me. My goal is to take the time to get the best image I can in the field, so my post production work on the computer is kept to a minimum. I hope you enjoy looking at these images as much as I enjoy creating them.

"Lifting the human spirit ... is the essence of art" Tony Bennett commenting on the music of Count Basie; I think this applies to all Art.